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Question: discrete math 1 create a set a of the names...

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Discrete math

1. Create a set A of the names of people that you know. (Limit |A| to a max of 15). Define some relation (write it down and explain what the relation is) that will map a few of the people in set A to other people in set A. (Your relation could be something like: they are in the same family, or they play golf together, or whatever). As you did in problem 1, create a Word table to represent A×A. Highlight aRa in yellow on the chart. Highlight the identity relation in red, also on the chart.

Let set A ={John, Tom, Brian, Sandra, Jamie, Mike, Jack, Dennis, Kevin, Andrew, Alex, Donald, Susan, Scott, Kate) Let the relation be {same family, play golf, play pool, travel together}

2. Copy your table from step 3 in problem #1 and remove the formatting from all cells. Think up some relation that is symmetric. Describe what the relation is. Highlight members of aRa in your table. Use Insert > Shapes to draw a red diagonal line across your table. Think of some technique you can use to show the symmetry of the members of aRa.

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