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Question scl.4 (C1) A group of students are each making a single appointment to speak with a Dr. Banner one week (only Monday through Thursday allowed, hes busy Hulking out Friday through Sunday). Answer the a) If there are 21 students, explain why we cannot guarantee that at least 6 of them meet with Dr. B. on b) Even though.5] - 6, explain why we cannot guarantee that at least 4 of them meet with c) If we guarantee that no matter how they make their appointments, there is a day of the week on which4 following questions: the same day 21 Dr. Banner on Tuesday students are meeting with Dr. B, at least how many students can you deduce are in the group? Question sc1.5 (C1) Everyone has a favorite dinosaur out of the following four dinosaurs: T-Rex, Stegasaurus Velociraptor, and Triceratops. How many people need to vote on their favorite to guarantee that at least 25 people all agree on the winner? (For the purpose of this question, you are not allowed to state an opinion of another type of dinosaur as your favorite.)
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