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discrete math question
Question 4.4 (P2) For each of the following i-then statements, you will write two new statements: the converse and the contrapositive. Next to each statement, write True or False. a) If you have a dog, then you are a pet-owner. b) If m is a multiple of 4, then m is even. c) If a song gets played on the radio, then it is good. Question 4.5 (P2) For the following if-then statement, carefully write the contrapositive. If a person is rich and famous, then they are an actor or a politician. Question 4.6 (P2) Prove the following: If n3+ 4n -3 is even, then n is odd. a) by contradiction b) by contrapositive Question 4.7 (P2) Prove this statement (about two integers m and n) by contrapositive: If (m+ 1) (n +3 is even, then m is odd or n is odd.
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