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Question: discuss each of the following topics be sure to provide...

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Discuss each of the following topics. Be sure to provide your references/resources in APA style formatting.

Case Study 1: Myeshia, a 19 year-old female, recently read about the health benefits of calcium and decided to increase her intake of dairy products by drinking milk. Not long afterward, she experienced bloating, cramping, and gassiness. She suspected that the source of this discomfort was the milk she consumed, especially because her parents and sister had complained of the same problem. She wanted to determine if the milk was, in fact, the cause of her gastrointestinal discomfort, so the next day she substituted yogurt for the milk in her diet. Subsequently, she did not have any symptoms. What component of milk likely cause the problem? Why was she able to tolerate yogurt but not milk?

Case Study 2: Marc and Dan are twins who like the same activities and foods. At a recent doctor's appointment, Dan was told that he has type 2 diabetes. He has been feeling good and has not noticed any changes in his health. He does no understand why he has diabetes but this brother does not and why he has not had any noticeable symptoms. How would you explain this to him?

Topic 3: Describe what the glycemic index is and how this is very important in developing a nutritional diet.

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