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Discussion Questions (Textbook Page 24-26): 1,3, 6,11, 15, 18, 19. 20, 22, 35 1. Define the term supply chain management in your own words, and list its most important activities. 3. Describe and draw a supply chain for a bicycle repair shop and list the important supply chain members. 6. Why dont firms just become more vertically integrated (eg, buy out suppliers and customers), instead of trying to manage their supply chains? 11. What is the bullwhip effect and what causes it? How would you try to reduce the bullwhip effect? 15. What are the four foundation elements of supply chain management? Describe some activities within each element. 18. What is supplier management? What are some of the activities of supplier management? 19. What is the difference between supply chain management and logistics? 20. What is demand management and why is this an important part of supply chain management? 22. What role do information systems play in supply chain management? Give some examples. 35. What are some things supply chain members could do to improve sustainability?
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