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Discussion questions what ways do budgetary decisions in your area influence the economic activities urisdiction? How has this changed over time? What factors (political, social/ hic, and legal, as well as the profile of area employers) seem to influence actions that may have economic effects? Consider the budget and financial policies reported on your citys website or in its budget ual financial reporting documents. Do they include official policy statements about or annua the operating b the wording of these policies provide stability during changes in political leadership? responsive are these policies to changes in normative preferences concerning the How of government in the community? How responsive are they to changes in residents preferences about the provision of public services? 3. Local governments adopt multiple budgets each year. How can we balance the fiscal tewardship goals of transparency and accountability with the desire to make budgeting proces constituents ses inclusive and budget decisions representative of the interests of government 4. As existi ing revenues become constrained and there is more competition for new revenue sources, the budget is a good way to consider the pros and cons of different revenue streams. As a budget and policy analyst, what information sources would you have available to estimate the impacts (positive and negative) of proposals for new revenues or changes to existing revenue policies? 5. The chapter discusses controllable and uncontrollable factors that influence the level of spending for government programs and services. When preparing a budget estimate, which should the analyst spend more time on: estimating the financial impacts of the controllable factors, or considering ways of predicting and mitigating the impacts of uncontrollable factors? 6. The lead budget officer for local government is normally a public employee who plays d pivotal role, linking staff who implement programs with the political leaders who evaluate the performance and plan for the future levels of these programs. As the lead udget officer, would you strive to be an objective technician who has deep subject matter expertise about the budget and who makes sure to present budgetary facts in ays appropriate to a variety of audiences, or would you be a policy advocate who uses your knowledge of the budget and your negotiating skills to analyze a variety of policy ematives and then recommends a course of action? To what extent is it possible (and rable) to balance these two approaches to your position? apter emphasizes that information has value. How well do local governments communicating information that is valuable? Do they tend to communicate too do in ttle informati n? Too much? As technology continues its rapid advance, what new on strategies related to the local government budget should be adopted?
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