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Question: diversity in virtual teams increases the communication challenges however virtual...

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Diversity in virtual teams increases the communication challenges. However, virtual teams with diversity have demonstrated which of the following?

Tighter security policies.
More creative solutions.
Better compliance with deadlines.
A high degree of self-reliance.
Equitable performance management.

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Question 121 pts

Accounting firm ABC was once the largest provider of tax consulting services. However it did not keep up with advances in IT and began to lose market share. ABC failed to use IT to counter which of the following of Porter's 5 competitive forces?

Industry collaboration
Industry competitors
Bargaining power of buyers
Threat of substitute products
Product pricing in value chain

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Question 131 pts

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) realized it did not have adequate policies, education or technology in place for remote workers when:

Employees copied sensitive data over an unsecured network.
Employees posted sensitive data on a public social networking site.
A virus from an employee's remote computer crashed the VA's intranet.
An employee whose laptop carrying unencrypted, sensitive military personnel information was stolen.
Because of lack of coordination, all remote workers were not available for an extended period of time.

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Question 141 pts

IS plays three important roles in management control processes. These processes are data collection, evaluation, and _______________.


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Question 151 pts

When firms balance and design their organization and IS strategies to complement their business strategy, this is called ______.

focus strategy
technologically adjusted

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Question 161 pts

This model suggests that employee attitudes may change if they think the new system will help them to do more or better work for the same effort, and that it's easy to use. Employee participation in the system's design and implementation also helps.

Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Information Management Model (IMM)
Employee Technology Model (ETM)
Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
Computer Access Model (CAM)

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Question 171 pts

Amazon has disrupted a number of industries, particularly the retail and advertising industries. Amazon's ability to quickly and aggressively provide new products and services is best described by:

The IS Strategy
Porter's Generic Strategies
The Hypercompetition Model
Customer Relationship Management
The Value Chain Model

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Question 181 pts

Suppose company AUT, an automobile manufacturer has a linked supply chain with company PAR, an automobile parts supplier. AUT and PAR use IT to seamlessly exchange data, communicating requirements as well as delivery expectations. The relationship between companies AUT and PAR is best described as:

Shared cooperation
Strategic alliance
Enterprise planning

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Question 191 pts

When managers wish to initiate change in their companies, they use control, organizational, and cultural variables which are referred to as __________.

collaboration tools
IS focus
organization goals
competitive advantage
managerial levers

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Question 201 pts

A firm plans to find ways to use information technologies to both attain and sustain a competitive advantage. A suitable model is __________.

The Network Effect
The Resource-Based View
Porter's Value Chain
The Information Systems Strategy Triangle
Strategic IT Plan
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