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Question: dividing the numerators 4 explain why we can divide fractions...

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dividing the numerators 4. Explain why we can divide fractions by dividing numerators and dividing denominators Practice Exercises for Section 6.4 Write a how-many-groups word problem for 2. Annie wants to solve the division problem and solve the problem with the aid of?by using the following word problem: a strip diagram, a table, and a double number line. I need cup of chocolate chips to make a batch of cookies. How many batches of cookies can I cup is left. make withof a cup of chocolate chips? Annie makes a drawing like the one in Figure 6.18 Explain why it would be easy for Annie to misin- Figure 6.18 How many batches of terpret her drawing as showing that1 cookies can be made with àcup of How should Annie interpret her drawing so as to chocolate chips if 1 batch requires conclude that? cup makes one batch. cup of chocolate chips? 3. Write a simple how-many-groups word problem for and use the word problem to help 4 Use the fact that we can rewrite the division prob- you explain why you can solve the division prob- lem?as a multiplication pr oblem with an lem by first giving the fractions a common denom unknown factor to explain why the division prob- inator and then dividing the numerators. lem can be solved by multiplying n by
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