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(DMCM 3723) -English Version- SULIT Q2 (a) Describe three (3) applications of a gyroscope. (3 marks) (b) Figure 2.1 below shows a model of motorcycle is traveling around a banked curve. The motorcycle and rider together have a mass of 320 kg and its combined center of gravity is 525 mm above ground level. The wheels of the motorcycle each have a mass of 9 kg, a radius of gyration of 225 mm and effective radius of 300 mm. The rotating parts of the engine have a mass of 12 kg, a radius of gyration of 75 mm and rotate in the same sense as the wheels. The angle of the banking, a necessary for the motorcycle to ride normal to the track on a bend of 60 m radius at a speed of 150 km/h is 73.75°. If the gear ratio, engine to back wheel is 3.5:1, determine the magnitude and sketch the direction of gyroscopic couple (M). (22 marks) 150 kmh Motorcycle model R 60 m Motorcycle model 525 Figure 2.1 Model of a motorcycle traveling around a banked corner (a) top view, (b) rear vicw 3- SULIT (DMCM 3723) English Version- SULIT 03 A hand nump used for increasing oil nressure in a hydraulic line is shown in Figure3.1

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