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DNA REPLICATION 1. Where and when does the replication of DNA begin? The origin of replication site 2. What enzyme is responsible for unwinding the double-stranded helix of DNA? enzyme helicase 3. What is the major enzyme responsible for DNA replication? At which end of the newly synthesized strand of DNA does this enzyme add nucleotides? 4 Which enzyme initially synthesizes the DNA on the leading strand? What type of enzyme is it? How does it initiate synthesis? 5. Why are the leading and lagging strands of DNA in the replication fork replicated by different mechanisms? 6. What are the relatively short, single-stranded DNA fragments that are synthesized during discontinuous DNA replication, and joined together to form a continuous strand? 7. The synthesis of the leading strand of DNA proceeds in which direction? 8. How are Okazaki fragments removed and how are the fragments on the lagging strand joined together to form one continuous strand? 9. What is the current mechanism on how DNA polymerase IIl synthesizes DNA in the replication fork? 10. In eukaryotes, what is telomerase used for?
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