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Do as a C++ code program
5. (Heat transfer) The time t takes for a spherical object to cool from an initial temperature of Tii to a final temperature of Tfi caused entirely by radiation, is provided by Kelvins cooling equation: N1.1 t is the cooling time in years. N is the number of atoms. k is Boltzmanns constant (1.38x 10-23m-kg/s%; note that 1 Joule-1 m2kg/sh, e is emissivity of the object. σ is Stefan-Boltzmanns constant (5.6703 x 10-8 watts/m2K4). A is the surface area. Tjin is the final temperature Tini is the initial temperature
Assuming an infinitely hot initial temperature, this formula reduces to Nk fin Using this second formula, write a C++ program to determine the time it took Earth to cool to its current surface temperature of 300 K from its initial infinitely hot state, assuming the cooling is caused only by radiation. Use the information that the area of the Earths surface is 5.15 × 1014m, its emissivity is 1, the number of atoms contained in the Earth is 1.1 × 1050, and the radius of the Ear is 6.4 x 106 meters. Additional heres surface area is given by this formula: lly, use the relationship that a sp Surface area of a sphere-4 π r2
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