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Do everything 1-11 please
Find the speed of the turtle in magnitude
ons Used Aforce Fıof magnitude 5 40 units acts on an object at the origin in a direction θ-26.0° above the positive x axis. object in the direction of the positive y-axis. Find graphically the magnitude and direction of the resultant force + magnitude direction See tne fgure below. Asecond free F2 of magnitude 5.00 unts acts on the units Need Help? MINT MINT MacBook Pro
components4,--600 m and A,-8.00 m. Find the magnitude (in m) and the direction (in degrees from the +x-axs) of the vector MINT direction Need Help? x (m) 7 9 0 4
r (s) (a) 0 to 2.00 m/s (b)O to 4.00 (d) 4.00 s to 7.00 (e) o to 8.00s
and label the relevant quantities, including vectors Ar Pro
(a) What minimum constant does the (b) How
(b) How long does it take to reach its highest point (c) How long does the ball take to hit the ground after it reaches its highest point? (d) What is its velocity when it returns to the level from which it started? ㎷Supward (b) Find the height it reaches Pro Oo 3
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