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Question: do question 1 only 11 12 13 14 thank...

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SET 1 Bristol Ice Cream has fixed costs of $5 million. For every gallon of ice cream, Bristol incurs. a variable cost of 810. Bristol sells 700,000 gallons of ice cream a year, and currently breaks even many gallons of ice cream does Bristol have to sell in order to make s a 1.1 year in profits before tax sales, how much does Bristol have to Bristol wants to earn a Return on 1.2 charge for each gallon of ice cream? price for each gallon ice f Bristol earns a markup 40%. What is Bristols of 1.3 cream? in order to Based on the price in 1.3, how many gallons does Bristol have to sell 1.4 break even? Witner Swimwears makes bullet-proof swimsuits for dolphins. They sell the swimsuits each through independent retailers like Staples Consumers wa $200 swimsuit, which earns the retailer a markup o Witner has $2 million in fixed costs. 2.1 If it costs Witner $70 to make each swimsuit, how many swimsuits does Witner have to sell in order to breakeven? 2.2 If Witner earns a 25% markup cost, and they sell 300,000 swimsuits a year, how on much is Witners profits before tax Douglas Cookware makes bullet-proof pots. They earn a 20% markup on their products, which are sold to wholesalers who then sell to retailers. Consumers buy the pots from retailers. Wholesalers generally earn a 30% markup, while retailers earn an even higher 35% markup. Typical retail price for each Douglas pot is $140. Douglas sells 40,000 pots a year. 3.1 What is the wholesalers selling price per pot? 3.2 What is Douglas cost of goods sold per pot? earns $30,000 profits before tax? 3.3 What is Douglas total fixed costs if the company 3.4 What is your answer to 3.1 if Douglas sells 50,000 pots a year?

Do Question 1 only - (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4) Thank you

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