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8:46 PM No Service T 52%. udc.blackboard.com 3: Fourier lysis and ADC 1. What is the function (express mathematically) represented by this frequency spectrum? 2. Plot this expression yr) 15cos2rr+4sin 2nt. Do not use a calculator or a computer to either obtain the answer or make the plot. Show your work. 3. Plot what the FFT frequency spectrum will look like for this series of sine waves. 4. If the TC voltage is input to a 12-bit ADC having a sv range. estimate the percent quantization error in the digital value. 5. You have purchased an 8-bit digital to analog converter to control the joint position on a robot arm which is proportional to input voltage) a. The DAC shows an output voltage of 1.01 V when the binary value of 00100101 is applied. What is the full scale analog output range of this DAC in Volts? b. What voltage does the DAC output with a binary value of 11101010 applied? c. If the joint rotates 8.6 degrees/V applied, what is the minimum joint rotation increment you can achieve with this DAC? a. Determine the binary representation and the analog voltage approximation of the input signal. Explain your answer in terms of the quantization emor ofthe ADC. b. If we wanted to ensure that the analog approximation be within 1 V of the actual input voltage, how many bits would we require in our ADC?
Do Question 2,3,4,5 and 6
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