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document, and read the section headings, to find the information that corresponds with the question you are working on. The sam PDF is available on every question of the exam; however, it only needs to be downloaded once. The information on the PDF is th same for each question. If youre having trouble clicking the link above, please copy and paste this address into your browser: http:l/lessons.pennfoster.com/pdf/186_examhelp.pdf 8. A drawing youre reading shows section lines on one part consisting of alternating solid and dashed 45-degree lines, while an adjacent part shows 45-degree double lines. From this, you conclude that O A. both parts are made from the same material but are shown differently to show both parts clearly O B. the drafter most likely made a mistake showing one of the parts incorrectly. O C. the first part is likely to be made of copper or bronze, while the second is steel. O D. the different section lines are used for different views of the same part. Mark for review (Will be highlighted on the review page) Previous Question Next Question Save & Exit
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