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  3. done in c with visual studio thank you...

Question: done in c with visual studio thank you...

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DONE IN C++ with visual studio THANK YOU

31 inches (2ft 7 inches) Homework #2 72 inches (6ft O inches) Develop a Height struct with data fields that hold the feet and inches components as integers Allow the user to enter the height of a platform, unicycle, and rson in inches 13 inches (1ft 1 inch) pe If the user enters a negative number for any heights, print an error message and re-prompt . If the user enters letters instead of numbers, re-prompt . Create a function that will simplify a Height object from only having inches (ex. 0 feet 14 inches) to (1 foot and 2 inches) Print the total height of the stageunicycle person (because when a person sits on the unicycle, roughly half their body is overlapping with the height of the unicycle) rounded to the nearest inch. When you run the program it should look like Sellect C How tall is the stage in inches?13 ow tall is the unicycle in inches?72 ow tall is the person in inches?62 The total height is: 9 feet 8 inches 1 feet 1 inches 6 feet e inches 5 feet 2 inches Press any key to continue . . .

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