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A structure consists of two bars and an initially-undeformed spring, as shown in the figure below. Use the following values: E,-E3-200 GPa, k2-2500 kN/ m, A,-A3-20 mm, L,-2 m, L,-1 m, and t* (1) 0.2 kN / m. Solve the problem by hand and unth the use of ANSYS 1. Compute all the nodal displacements. 2. Compute all the element nodal forces. 3. Compute all the support reactions. 4. Compute the axial stresses in bars 1 and 3 and state if they are in tension or compression. 5. Compute the force in spring 2 and state if it is in tension or compression. 4 Figure 2: Problem 2.

**Don't do ANSYS**

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