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Question: dow help mhe reader work saved help save amp exit...

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dow Help MHE Reader work Saved Help Save & Exit Sub Match the organelle with its function A Instructions for protein synthesis and cell reproduction; contains genetic information lick to select) B. Intracellular compartment forms transport vesicles; participates in lipid synthesis and synthesis of membrane or secreted proteins Click to select) ges proteins for export from cell; forms secretory vesicle Cick to select Digestworn-out organelles and cell debris; digest material taken up by endocytosis Click osee E. Power plants of the cell, sites of oxidative metabolism kt seect F. Sites of photosynthesis Click to select) G. Regulates water levels in plant cells ick to sect H. Used in break down of fats and contains the enzyme catalase Cick to select) < Prev 5of22 İll Next > MacBook Air
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