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Question: draft a script for a 510 minute podcast the amas...

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Draft a script for a 5-10 minute podcast.

The AMA's Principles of Medical Ethics includes a mandate to "recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the community and the betterment of public health". (AMA, 2012 Principles of Medical Ethics, Principle VII).


    • Describe eight (8) ways in which a physician and his/her staff may participate in community activities. For instance, the physician may give free clinics for the homeless, or provide educational seminars for patients.
    • Summarize the AMA's Principles of Medical Ethics and discuss how they relate to the 8 ideas you developed on how a physician can give back to the community. Review the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics.
    • Thinking about your own community, describe the activities that local physicians participate in or offer. Conduct local research if you are not already aware of these activities.
  • Script & References
    • In a Word document, draft a script for your podcast.
    • Include a minimum of three references, in APA format
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