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Question: drag the labels from the left to their correct locations...

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Drag the labels from the left to their correct locations in the concept map on the right. View Available Hint(s) Reset Help when complexed ⓐ DNAwith protein is called in its genes arc arc made of made of form is called locus arc together gametes chromatin traits chromosomes _ constitute the organized on cells nuclear are passed on to the next generation in encode heritable each have a that specifies its position on are located inPart B - Interactions among chromosomes This diagram shows a diploid nucleus (2n-8) in which chromosome replication has occurred in preparation for mitosis (top right) and meiosis (bottom right) Drag the labels to their appropriate targets to correctly identify the various chromosome structures. Labels can be used more than once. View Available Hint(s) ResetHelp sister chromatids replicatis centromere 1 homologous chromosomes nonsister chromatids replica non-homologous chromosomesPart C- Animal life cycles In the life cycle of an organism, meiosis is paired with the process of fertilization. Understanding the life cycle of an organism is the key to understanding how sexual reproduction ensures the inheritance of traits from both parents and also introduces genetic variation Complete the diagram to show the life cycle of a typical animal. Follow these steps 1. First, drag blue labels onto blue targets only to identify each stage of the life cycle 2. Next, drag pink labels onto pink targets only to identify the process by which each stage occurs 3. Then, drag white labels onto white targets only to identify the ploidy level at each stage. Labels can be used once, more than once, or not at all View Available Hint(s) Reser] HeilpReset Help maternal parent atenal parent zygote 2n sperim meiosis egg female multicellular organism mitosis fertilization Submit

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