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Draw a Free Body Diagram (FBD) for Question 4 of the Appendix. We are working with a rigid bar assembly shown in the Appendix of this document (fusing the two metals together means

that they are rigidly attached to each other over their full surface). We will want a FBD drawn for the entire assembly . Cut the assembly one millionth of an inch away from the rigid supports

at the top and the bottom to ‘release’ the object from its’ environment. Since we are working with axial loads alone, you can safely assume that the only unknown forces on the cuts are axial (vertical). Make sure that you indicate any unknown forces acting on the cross-section as being applied to the centroid of the cross -section. Week 3- Indeterminant Axial Question 4 Two metal solid cylinders fused together. If Point C is a rigid support, draw a FBD an

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