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Draw the curve on paper
Review Question 21-6 The diagram below shows the market for the currency of Zeeonia, known as the zee (Z). The current exchange rate is $5 Z1 (five dollars equals one zee). Also shown is a decline in the demand for zee. The decline in demand causes the zee to depreciatewith respect to the dolar a. In the diagram below, show how policymakers would intervene in the market for zees in support of a fixed exchange rate of $5 Z1 Instructions: The graph shows supply and demand curves for Zeeonias currency, the zee. Use the tool provided Fixed ER to show this policy intervention. Your Graph Score: 0% Foreign Exchange Market The Zee (Z) S prvace Fixed ER
private Fixed ER $5 Quantity of zees traded b. Suppose that the Feds FX reserves increase by 40 million zees as a result of the decline in demand. How many millions of dollars worth of bonds will the Fed have to sell in order to sterilize the accompanying increase in the domestic money supply? 0 Answer is not complete. milion
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