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Drug controlled-release rate study. Refer to the Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy IVol. 28, 2002) drug controlled-release rate study, Exercise 11.17 (p. 6150. Recall that data for six drug tablets were used to fit the simple linear model, E()-B0 B1x, where y drug release rate and x surface-area-to-volume ratio. An Excel/XLSTAT printout giving a 90% prediction interval for each of the n 6observations in the sample is shown above. Select an observation and give a practical interpretation for this prediction interval. 11.17 Drug controlled-release rate study. Researchers at Dow O Chemical Co. investigated the effect of tablet surface area and DOW volume on the rate at which a drug is released in a controlled- release dosage (Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, Vol. 28, 2002). Six similarly shaped tablets were prepared with different weights and thicknesses, and the ratio of surface area to volume was measured for each. Using a dissolution apparatus, each tablet was placed in 900milliliters ofdeionized water, and the diffusional drug release rate (percentage of drug released divided by the square root of time) was deter- mined. The experimental data are listed in the table below.

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