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Question: due by 9 pm on 142019 via elms 2 consider...

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Due by 9 pm on 1/4/2019 via elms 2. Consider a stepped rod, fixed at its left end, as shown in fig. 3 below (dimensions shown are in inches)· Loading is as follows: F,= 1.5 kip; F-1 kip; F-20 kips; Fa=20 kips; M1= 15 kips. in; T 25 kips. in. Assume E 30 Mpsi. Assume that F,acts at 10 from the left end, along the x axis. Fixed at the left end Figure 3. Shaft for Q2 ф4 .00 0.00 20.00 φ2.00 Calculate all internal forces and moments (including the torque) in the shaft at a cross sectionn 16 away from the right end of the shaft. Free-body diagrams must be provided. Hint When analyzing equilibrium with externally applied moments such as M, and T, visualizing them using handles attached to the body at the location of interest and your hand applying the moments will be helpful. Calculate the total axial deformation 8 the shaft experiences.
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