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e , . vv rue an essay un ule luuuwing; . Driverless cars raise several ethical dilemmas especially concerning human lives. Even though driverless cars are equipped with sensors, cameras, radars and collision avoidance systems, to name a few, that can make them capable of stopping at short notice, driverless cars still need some time to stop. Imagine a scenario in which a driverless car could not stop and a crash was unavoidable. Which ethical values should have been embedded in it to enable it to make ethical decisions regarding which human lives to save and which human lives to sacrifice? Present an introduction (or background) to your topic and your essay (5 marks). Compare and contrast professional ethics from other types of ethics (10 marks). Include examples of professional Codes of Ethics to support your answer (5 marks). Present a conclusion that briefly outlines your point of view (5 marks). Ensure that your essay is well written and structured (5 marks). You are not required to include any references in your essay, but where applicable you should cite relevant researchers to support your arguments. State any assumptions before you start writing your essay.

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