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E. Bryce is reviewing his mothers plans for a square garden and realizes he 26.The terms for the length and width of the rectangle can get her 74 square feet more area by using their houses wall as a fourth side of a rectangle and wont need that much more fence. are conjugates 27. Bryce has all the fencing he needs. 28. The area of the rectangle formed with the house wall 2x+ 2x-1 is 25 square feet. x. 29. The algebraic solution requires factoring 3x-75 30.The rectangular, larger garden needs 29 feet of fence. His mom loves the idea, but warns him that she only has 10 extra feet of fencing to enclose the garden, and the fencing is pricey, so shed like to 31.X a) keep the perimeter within ten feet of the original square. b) 5 c) 6d) 7 feet 32.Mom has a)20 b) 30 c) 40 d) 50 feet of fence Create a model defining the relationship Bryce has described, and solve for x. Select ALL the statements that are correct. already 33.The original garden plan required a)20 b) 25 c) 30 d) 35 feet of fence for the perimeter. 34. The new garden area is a) 50 b) 64 c) 81 d) 99 square fet.
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