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e the figure, a plate with infinite area is moving above a stationary plane with s shown in the figure, a plate with i density of 0.88 and shown in tas.3 m/s). Between them, a 0.3 mm gap (8-0.3 mm) is filled by a liquid with viscosity ress on the bottom plane and its direction. (18 points) ocity of desity of 0.88 and dynamie viscosity p 0.65 10 Pa-s. (1) What is the kinematic li lative deo: (2) what is the shear stress on the upper plate and its direction; (3) what is ofo.3 m/s (0,3 liqu Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 ate with height h 1 m and width b 2m is placed between two vertical walls to prevent ouring out. The depth at the top of the gate is 2m. What is the resultant static force with height h 2. A water from p werted on the gate, the direction, and the acting point? (22 point) 3. In constant-diameter elbow pipe, wat er flows from A to B at velocity of v-1.5m/s. B is 40cm lower t A in height. The U type mercury manometer reads h-30cm. The Puam 13.6. What is the pressure difference of A and B. (20point) 4. In an elbow with 90 angle, the diameters and pressures of cross-section 1 relative density of mercury is and 2 are di-l and d 180 mm, and pi- 40 kPa and p2 I and 2 are z 2 m. If the flow rate of the water is 0-0.04 m/s, what is the force mm 80 kPa, respectively. The height difference applied on the elbow by water (20 points) 5. Compute the loss of head in 200 ft of horizontal 6-in- diameter asphalted cast i (roughness is 0.0004 ft) carrying water with a mean velocity of 6 ft/s. (p 1,94slug/ft, H slug/f-s)/(20 points)
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