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e act acts beyond the scope of their btner is personally individ 6 when ed partnership, one or more part of any partner is binding on all other partners eve nd individually Hable for all partnershi ership is dissolved, the asset able for all ited liability for the debts of the firm is a major advantage of the parm. when partners perfor a partn lim rtners have ave partnership form of business and one or more 9. Mutual agen ent as true or false. If false, indicate how to correct the statement ident Decker, S. Ros en, and E. Toso are forming a partnership. Decker is transferring E12-2 K. D $50,000 of hilding wof $9,000, accounts receivable of $32,000, and equipment worth $39,000.The Joun onal cash to the partnership. Rosen owns land worth $15.000 and a small of a $80,000, which she transfers to the partnership. Toso transfers to the part Lo building worth ects to collect $29,000 of the accounts receivable. nership exp Instructions a) Prepare the journal entries to record each of the pa partners investments. hat amount would be reported as total owners equity immediately afer the investments? E12-3 Suzy Vopat has owned and operated a proprietorship for he decides to terminate this business and become a partner in the firm of Vopa Sig IV ing assets of the proprietorship: accounts receivable $14,000 less allowance for doub accounts of $2,000, and equipment $30,000 less accumulated depreciation of $4,000 d that the allowance for doubtful accounts should be $3,000 for the partnership n the partnership consists of $12,000 in cash, and the folle ma. Vopats investment i 22 50O
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