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E2-22A (similar to) Question Help * Backyard Fashions is a manufacturer of backyard and deck furniture. Its products are in high demand and it carries no inventory. Following is a list of selected account balances from its trial balance for the most recent year ended December 31 (in no particular order.) EEB (Click the icon to view the December 31 account balances.) Read the requirements December 31 Account Balances Indirect labor costs Other manufacturing overhead Utility costs Labor costs 22,500 9.000 11,500 38,000 Salaries and wages (for administrative and sales staff) Stain (used in manufacturing furniture) Indirect labor costs (wages of maintenance workers in factory) Other manufacturing overhead (includes factory insurance and property taxes) Rent and utilities (for administrative offices) Utility costs (related to factory) Labor costs (wages of carpenters ho build furniture) Accounts receivable Marketing costs Wood (used in manufacturing furniture) Sales revenues Accounts payable $ 34,500 $ 14,000 $ 22,500 9,000 $11,800 11,500 $38,000 27,800 $ 17,500 56,500 $310,000 6,900 Total cost of goods sold 158600 . $ Gross profit Less: Operating expenses Salaries and wages Rent and utilities Marketing costs Total operating expenses Operating income Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer.

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