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E5-30A (similar to E Question Help The Assembly Department of Best Surge Protectors began September with no work in process inventory. During the month production Phat cost $52,028 (direct materias, $13.328, and conversion coss $38,700) was work in to the Testing Department a toal of 21,000 urits. The ening work n process inventory was 35% complete as to dred matenas and conversion work comp Requirements 1. Compute the equivalent units tor direct materials and conversion costs 2. Compute the cost per equivalent unit 3. Assign the costs to unts completed and tranelered out and ending work in process inventory 4. Racord the joumal entry 5. Post all of the transactions in the Work in Process Inventory for the costs transterred out ot the Assembly Department to the Testing Department Assembly T account. What is the ending balance? equirement 1. Compute the equivalent units for direct materals and conversion costs Assembly Departm Equivalent Unii Computat Month Ended September 30 Flow of Equlvalent Units PhysicalDirect Conversion Flow of Produetion Units Materials Costs Units accounted for Choose from any list er enter any number in the input fielos and then cick Chock Answer Clear Al
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