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Question: each family will have unique ways of raising their child...

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Each family will have unique ways of raising their child. They will have rituals and routines which are part of their everyday family practices. Parents and carers will not always share the same values or the same beliefs about child rearing.


For each set of examples of child rearing practices and beliefs describe how these may challenge the values and beliefs of yourself as an educator.

Child rearing practices/beliefs

How it might challenge the carer/educator role


  • Maria always nurses her baby to sleep.
  • Eva is strict about bedtime: 7.30 pm, lights out at 8.00 pm.
  • Karesh sleeps with his Mum and Dad. All the children have done this in their family.
  • Zi and Trish don’t have any bedtime rules: ‘the children sleep when and where they want to’.



  • All the family sit down together at the Clarkes.  Everyone has their own chair. They say grace, then talk about their day while eating.
  • Shirley lets Malcolm ‘snack’ all day. ‘He’s only 3 years but can make “a good sandwich”.’
  • At Kev’s house the family sit on the floor or use the coffee table so they can watch TV while they eat.
  • Karim’s family are Muslim. They observe practices that have religious significance at mealtimes.


Behaviour Management

  • Spiros teases Milo when he makes mistakes to ‘toughen him up’.
  • Mr L believes there is nothing like a quick clip around the ears to bring children into line.
  • Tahlia does not believe in disciplining children – ‘it destroys their spirit’.



  • Sarita sends Kali in her best clothes and tells her to ‘stay clean’. As a woman it is her responsibility to ensure her children are well dressed and clean as this reflects on the status of the family.
  • Ben sends his children in old clothes because he knows that ‘kids’ can get messy playing.
  • Connie lets the Mica choose what to wear. This sometimes results in some unusual combinations and outfits.
  • Sala sends her son in many layers of clothes even when the weather is warm. She is worried that he stay healthy now that they have arrived in Australia. He cries when the educators try to get him to take his coats off.



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