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Each year Forbes ranks the worlds most valuable brands. A portion of the data for 82 of the brands in the 2013 Forbes list is shown in Table 2.12 (Forbes website, February, 2014). The data set includes the following variables The name of the brand The type of industry associated with the brand, labeled Automotive & Luxury, Consumer Packaged Goods Financial Services, Other, Technology A measure of the brands value in billions of dollars developed by Forbes based on a variety of financial information about the brand The percentage change in the value of the brand over the previous year. The total revenue in billions of dollars for the brand Brand Industry: Brand Value ( billions): 1-Yr Value Change (%): Brand Revenue bilions): Click on the datafile logo to reference the data DATA file TABLE 2.12 DATA FOR 82 OF THE MOST VALUABLE BRANDS Brand Value ($ billions) 1-Yr Value Change (%) 10 23 Brand Revenue (S billions) 30.4 14.5 130.8 60.6 Brand Industry Other Other Financial Services Adidas Allianz Amazon Com Technology 8.4 6.9 14.7 Heinz Consumer Packaged Goods Automotive& Luxury 5.6 9.3 20 4.5 Wells Farg Zara Financial Services 9 9.4 91.2 13.5 Othera. Prepare a crosstabulation of the data on Industry (rows) and Brand Value (S billions). Use classes of 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, and 50-60 for Brand Value ($ billions). If an amount box d not require an entry, leave it blank or enter o Brand Value ( billions) 20-29.9 50-60 Industry Automotive & Luxury Consumer Packaged Goods 0-9.9 10-19.9 30-39.9 40-49.9 Total 9.3 9.3 5.6 5.6 Financial Services 15.9 15.9 Other Technology Tota b. Prepare a frequency dlstribution for the data on Industry Industry Automotlve & Luxury Consumer Packaged Goods 27.5 27.5 14.7 14.7 14.9 30.6 27.5 0 0 73 Total Financial Services 2 Other Technology Totalc. Prepare a frequency distrlbutlon for the data on Brand Value Brand Value billions) 0-10 billions) Frequency 7 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 Tota d. How has the crosstabulation helped in preparing the frequency distributions in parts (b) and (c)? The right margin shows the frequency distribution for the brand value e. What conclusions can you draw about the type of industry and the brand value? 8 and the bottom margin shows the frequency distribution for the brand value brand values are associated with the [other Higher brands

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