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Question: earthquake or volcano have you ever felt an earthquake...

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Earthquake or Volcano - Have you ever felt an earthquake or visited a volcano?
(you only need to reply to either the earthquake or the volcano questions, you do not have to do both - unless you want to)

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  • If you have felt an earthquake:
    (before you answer the questions below, make sure that the quake that you post about has not already been posted about on this forum by a previous student)
    • where was it? (location)
    • when was it? (year)
    • how big was it?
    • what did it feel like? how long did the shaking seem to last?
    • was there damage in your house or home or wherever you were? If so, describe (without getting personal)
    • what type of plate tectonic environment was this quake epicenter in? (convergent, divergent, transform, hot spot or other (mid-plate)).  Note: mid-plate earthquakes are ones that are not on plate edges or hot spots. Mid-plate quakes are not nearly as common as quakes on plate edges or hot spots.
    • search the internet for the date and location of your quake and see what relevant websites you can find
Anyone who ever felt the earthquake please answer these questions

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