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Question: ebola viruses are transmitted by a fecaloral route b drinking...

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Ebola viruses are transmitted by: a) Fecal-oral route b) Drinking water c) Insect bites d Air-borne e) Sexual contacts 45) Red bone marrow is located in the: a) Stermum b) Ribs c) Long bones d) Hip bones e) All of the above 46) 47) A solid tumor at 4 stage implies a) Benign growth of 4th category b) A highly radio sensitive malignancy c) Extensive invasion and multiple organs involvernent d) Highly curable cancer e) None of the above Cancer cells can be inactivated by: a) Chemical agents that inactivated DNA-polymerase b) Specific antibodies that could bind to the malignant cells c) Angiotensins l &D d) nterferons e) All of the above 48) 49) When medical personnel are found to carry active infections: a) they should be fired from the hospital b) They must take additional precautions for treating patients c) There is no need for alarm d) They should be removed from patient care until they recover e) They should be vaccinated right away for the infection. Which of the following pathogens is least likely to be removed from the milk by pasteurization? a) Salmonella b) Campylobacter c) Lactobacillus d) Shigella e) Bactcrial endospores 50)

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