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Economics is a science. Economists employ the scientific method to try to find answers to questions that interest them. However, unlike many sciences, it is hard or impossible to make experiments in economics. In physics, if one wants to know how gravity affects an object, one could conduct an experiment where an object is dropped and the time for object to reach the ground is measured. If wind interferes, or if the object is significantly slowed by air itself, then the experiment could be moved to a vacuum chamber, eliminating any other confounding factors, so that it is precisely the effect of mass and gravity that is measured. In economics this is not possible. What if one wanted to understand the effects of raising tax rates? Can an experiment be run where half the country has high tax rates and half has low tax rates? This would never be approved. Even if an experiment like this was approved, there would be no way to eliminate confounding factors. Perhaps right when taxes were increased, the oil prices happened to drop, giving an unexpected boon to the economy. If people responded by spending more, then one would not know whether this is because of the higher tax rates, or because of the lower oil prices, or both.

With this background in mind, please consider the following question. Is economics truly a science if many experiments cannot be run? Why or why not? How could economists overcome this difficulty to still test their hypotheses and prove their theories?

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