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Economics is about setting and ordering economic goals which are economic growth,full employment,economic efficiency, price level stability,economic freedom,equitable distribution of income, economic security, balance of trade. How you order the goals is based on your political philosophy-its based on value judgements-its a normative issue. Some goals are complimentary while others conflict. For example if you prioritize economic freedom and growth you are a conservative and likely to vote republican.. You would de-emphasize equity and security. If equity and security are the two most important goals you are a liberal and likely to vote democrat. For example, Obamas policy of raising the dividend tax rate on higher incomes promotes equity and fairness but de-emphazises freedom and growth since its a tax hike for the well off. Trumps tax cuts are designed to help freedom and growth at the expense of equity and fairness. Economists often disagree because of differing value judgements or because you cant conduct a controlled experiment. They are more likely to agree on positive economic statements where something can be proved by the weight of the evidence. Are you a conservative or liberal and why? What do you think about Trumps economic policy?
The case for economic freedom. In general the US had rising economic freedom in the 1980s and 1990s and economic growth averages 3.5% while in 2000s economic freedom fell and growth averaged around 2% According to the Heritage Foundation the US ranks 18th in Economic Freedom in 2018 Australia by contrast ranks 5th in Economic Freedom and its economy has outperformed in every major way. The Case for equality. The US over the last decade has seen flat real median income and its Gini income coefficient is middle of the road. A liberal will say quite correctly that the US. the US economic pie is unevenly distributed. Scandanavian Countries like Sweden and Denmark rank much higher. (according to the Heritage Foundation they have more economic freedom than the US too) Much of the economic growth in the US has been concentrated in the top .1%!! A Gini coefficient is an attempt to measure how even income is in a particular country. Are you a liberal or conservative on economic policy? Why or why not? Does your answer depend on politics? Please explain.
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