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The SAMR is a theoretical framework that infuses and transforms the learning experience through a heavy incorporation of technology to substitute, augment, modify and redefine . The resource activities transforms the learning experiences through achieving higher levels of thinking, responding and achievement.


Where Google Maps redefines engagement through visual and explorative representational learning. Taronga Zoo uses spatial learning to challenge and extend the learning potential through questioning, investigating and problem-solving. Pages redefines the learning potential through redesigning the intended engagement through stimulation of analytical thoughts and in-depth reasonings towards the selected routes through modification and a digital shared platform. With augmentation and rediniton this can be achieved through using technology to modify and move from the standard method of using pen and paper to using technology. 


The SAMR is essential in the classroom to enhance and extend the learning experiences through planning, designing and differentiating the learning experiences to activate and develop a supported and inclusive learning environment.



TPACK is the practice of implementing technology-based pedagogies into a framework consisting of ‘Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge’. TPACK is an understood through the interaction of content (of subject area), pedagogy and technology knowledge in the learning experience. 


The resource supports an opportunity to connect the content, pedagogy and technology together with mathematical skills and knowledge. This is achieved by increasing students’ mathematics vocabulary, unpacking mathematical skills, and putting these skills into practice while building reasoning to demonstrate students’ proficiency in the strands, by recalling the learning experiences uncovered by completing the task.


The TPACK framework is beneficial to use when teaching in the classroom as students’ are able to deepen their understanding of the different learning experiences. Skills that students’ can develop include  higher-order thinking, inquiry-based learning, student-centered learning and exploring new ideas.


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