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edit these paragraphs to half please


As an educator, it is integral to have a strong awareness of how understanding, guiding and managing children and student behaviour in the classroom can impact on student learning outcomes positively.  The topic of behaviour implements a diverse medium of crucial factors to understand what behaviour is and the difference from behaviours and personalities to ensure positive learning outcomes are met. These positive outcomes are met through the exploration of extensive and embedded practical and effective behaviour management strategies implemented through developmentment of an awareness into identifying the function of behaviours and personalities, challenging behaviours, understanding behaviours, factors affecting behaviour and the development of a behaviour guidance plan and effective discipline measures. The creation of this ensures meeting positive learning outcomes through a window of guiding and understanding behaviour through the relationships created, communication and collaboration.


Development of a rich understanding into behaviour ensures that positive learning outcomes are observed through exploration of the difference between behaviours and personalities to become equipped with the knowledge that this determines the influence of behaviour participation and the course of behaviour being decisive on the assumption of engagement with social participation, relationships and the learning environment. Scholars Nettle and Penke (2010) bring to the attention that although behaviour and personalities are interlined they are the two opposite attractions where behaviour can be altered and changed whereas personality is biologically acquired and therefore is embedded and thus can not be changed. Having this awareness develops an understanding for what behaviour is which is having momentarily expressions of multifaceted personalities that are displayed at different points of time and in a range of contexts and environments with personalities being an embedded state of consistent patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This projectively shares making behaviour easier to identify and that the different types of behaviours are lapsed judgements and thus can be swayed into promoting positive student learning outcomes through modelling of what positives behaviours look like and reinforcing that positive behaviour. Similarly, having an understanding ensures for positive learning outcomes of the teacher becoming understanding towards identifying the functions of the behaviour and personality. This is achieved through the focus on the intrapersonal personality and behaviour characteristics becoming reliant on effective communication and collaboration through having meaningful interactions and relationships. Accruing this enables for valid and reliable indications into how and why people might behave a particular way, what affects the way they think, feel and interact, whilst also becoming attributable to individuals differences and open to creating warm, understanding and sympathetic learning environments. 

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