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Question: edit my lesson for introduction engaging phase of by bee...

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edit my lesson for introduction engaging phase of by bee science stage 2 

MY LESSON: EDIT PLEASE AND ADD IF POSSIBLE TO IT help me structure the lesson thanks

Tuning in to introducing the Earth, the Sun and rotation on its axis

To engage students into the lesson have the students gather in the middle of the classroom and sit on the floor. Display the outcome focus on the interactive whiteboard and inform students that they will be exploring the outcome ST2-10ES-S by becoming a participant immersed into a gallery walk through different mediums of learning provocations, stimuli and activities. 


To do this students will walk through this gallery walk exhibition making constant documentations of their observations, knowledge, ideas, thinking, questions they may have, what they have discovered, their opinions what they enjoyed and disliked in their science journal. Achieved by the students becoming active participants in the activities and through engaging in conversations and interactions with a purpose. 


In the beginning of this gallery capture the students’ attention by hosting a whole class open discussion on the Earth, the Sun and rotation on its axis by displaying the term ‘solar system’, on the interactive whiteboard. As the teacher prompts students’ responses by explicitly asking students’ a series of planned random questions while using the interactive whiteboard to visually support and explain the questions to create understanding, awareness and open communication. (Engaging, Exploring and Explaining). The students need to demonstrate, explain and guide the audience through their thinking and answer process to the questions posed surrounding sharing their prior knowledge of what they already know about the solar system. Recording responses on the interactive whiteboard and asking the students’ to write notes into their science journals. Use the question prompts. This activity can also be done individually or in small groups using a copy of the resource ‘Mind map solar system’. 

To learn some basic information about our solar system and support students, get them to watch a Youtube educational video and get students to use ipads to research the solar system online or provide physical resources such as books and images to complete the ‘This is our solar system’ resource activity. .

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