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EEX eLearning -English-United States (en_us) , My course, g This course , FEMA Home My coursesAWR-138-W: Jan. 29 - July 28 General Module 1 Pretest AWR-138-W Network Assurance Which of the following is used to encrypt data at the transport layer of the TCP/IP stack? Question 13 Not yet answered Points our of 1.00 r Flag questiona. IPsec. Select one: d. WPA/WPA2. Fir Question 14 Not yer answered Potres out of 1.0 Which of the following statements does NOT describe a network based Intrusion Detection System (IDS)? Select one: . O Flag question observed, rather than attempe to intervene like an IPS. network traffic while it is in transit turaffic as it is transmitted and received. a. Network-based IDSs notify an administrator when an attack is b, Network-based Iss monitor the entire network, examining c. The system runs on each individual computer, examining d. Network-based IDSs may use either signature, anomaly, or hybrid detection schemes.
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