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EGNE 1204-Winter 2019 Assignment 2 - Variables, cout, cin and if-statements DUE: January 31, on or before 11:59pm. Late submission dedine February 1-on or before isom (20% mark deduction) Write your own C++ program that will ask the user for various meal options. The user will input their choices by entering the appropriate option from a displayed menu. The program will keep track of the total bill, and then ask the user to pay. Upon entering payment, your program should display the change that the user should receive. Below are the item prices in the restaurant: Vegetable Soup- $3.99 Chefs Salad-$4.99 Veggie Fire Alarm Chili- $8.50 Tea-$1.20 Ice Cream with Blueberries $3.99 Coffee-$2.75 Nachos with Jalapenos- $7.99 Hot Apple Pie- $4.25 CAA Discount-20% Chicken Parmesan-$8.99 Steak Tartar $10.99 Fish and Chips $7.45 Bakeapple Cheese Cake-S6.00 Water- $0.00 Pop - $2.50 | Student Discount-25% Seniors Discount-40% Tax Rate-15% In addition to the code provided in this document, the following tutorials will be helpful in completing your assignment. https://www.tutorialspoint com/cplusplus/cpp variable types htm The following source code is a small sample of the types of C++ statements that you will need to complete your assignment. finclude <iostream> 2 using namespace std; 3 int main ) int option; cout << Please choose an option 1,2,3: cin >> option; /is an equivalence test. if (option == !){cout << Wow! << endl;} if (option2)f(cout << You chose option 2! < endl;) if (option3)(cout < Its 2019! << endl: cout <Please input your age: float age; cin > age; ageage +10 cout << In 10 years your age will be << age <<.<< endl; age-(age-10)*0.5; cout << Half your age is <<age << return 0: 12 15 16
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