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EIN3235 Name: Question No. (a) (b) (c) (d PID: o OO o O Oo o o O 12 13 o O O 15 16 O ooO 18 Use the following data to answer questions 1-s 36, 25, 24, 13, 12, 24, 35, 48, 24 1. What is the mean? a. 28.65 b. 26.78 2. What is the median? c 27.82 d. 25.78 c 25 d. 26 3 What is the first quartile of the data? 18.5 d. 145 4. What is the mode? c 25 d. cannot determine 5. What is the data range? c 35 d 36
6. Which of the following lists only quantitative variables? Favorite color, weight, SAT score a. b. Height, zip code, weight GPA, weight, SAT score dolic bod pue c. 7. Which graphical summary is used to visualize quantitative data? a. Histogram b. Boxplot c. Bar chart d. Stem-and-leaf Suppose that you are interested in studying the weight of tires manufactured in a given day. You take a random sample of 25, and find the average weight is 20 pounds Which of the following is the relevant population? a. The 25 tires that were tested b. All the tires. c. The weight of tires that were teste. d. The tires manufactured that day 8. 9. There are 20 students in a class, their test score has a mean of 75, and a median of s0. The argest test score is 90, by accident the largest test score is changed to 100. What is the value of the mean after the change? 75.5 b. 75 d 76.5 b. 772 10. For problem 9, what is the median after change? a. 91 b. 80.5 b. 82 d. 80 11. What is the matching boxplot for this histogram?
Use the following information to answer questions 12-1 Given a sample of 35 women and their number of children 12 umber af Ch 1 2 Approximately how many women have more than two children? a. 13 b. 6 c. 10 d. Not enough information 13. What is the shape to best describe ths graph a Symmetric/Bell shaped b. Skewed Left e Skewed Right d. Bimedal 14. What can you say about the relation between meen and median in reletion to his graph? a. The mean is greater than the median b. The mean is less than the medan C. The mean and median are approsimately equal d. Not enough information is given 15. Are there any outliers No, number of children are too close ogether b. Yes, there can be an outier C Cannot be determined
Use the following information to answer questions 16-19 The box plot in the Figure shows a sample of 120 Aluminum rods and their weight. 120 110 100 90 80 16. The number of rods with weights between 100 and 110 oz is closest to: a. 30 b. 60 c. 90 d. 50 17. The lower 25% of weights are below: a. 90 b. 95 c 100 d. 105 18. What is the range closest to? a. 30 b. 35 c. 40 d. 45 19. What is the shape to best describe the box plot? a. Symmetric b. Skewed left c. Skewed right d. Uniform
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