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Electric engineering- piezoelectric transducerDesign a piezoelectric transducer to measure a carotid pulse, which exerts a 0.5 N force on the surface of the neck when blood pulses through. The transducer should be made of quartz The piezoelectric constant for quartz is k=2.3 pC/N, and its relative dielectric constant is 4.2. The transducer should output 5 mV when 0.5 N is applied to it. (2 pts) a. For a cylindrical transducer, determine the area and thickness that meets the 3. above criteria. If you are placing this on the carotid, what would be a reasonable area? Something about the size of the tip of your finger would be around 1 cm2. Design a circuit to amplify this signal, so that is 1V when 0.5 N is applied b.

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