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EEE2012] Question 1 A balanced 3-phase, star-connected load is shown in Fig.1. In each phase the resistance is 500 and the inductance is 80mH. Fig. 1 If this load is connected to a 415V, 50Hz supply, calculate the power factor, 3-phase active power P, 3-phase reactive power Q and 3-phase apparent power S. [6 marks] Draw and fully label a phasor diagram for the synchronous motor operating at leading power factor. [3 marks A 415V, 4-pole star-connected synchronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 0.50. The machine is operating with a leading power factor of 0.7 and consumes an electrical power of 60kW. Calculate the magnitude of the per-phase EMF (E,) and the load angle (δ). [12 marks] Turn over
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