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Question: eliza attends her 10 year high school reunion upon arriving...

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 Eliza attends her 10 year high school reunion. Upon arriving at the venue and mingling with her former classmates, she begins to realise that a few of them have changed. The most popular girl in year 12, Samantha, is not at the reunion because she is afraid to leave her house. Rod, the class clown, confides that his doctor prescribes him Lithium, which he takes daily. This medication acts to keep him emotionally stable because he attempted suicide. Last year, he also believed that he invited a jetpack out of a vacuum cleaner and tried to fly off the garage roof. Rachelle, the most likely to succeed, washes her hands repeatedly and dries them with tissues that she brought from, her standard purification ritual, before she will drink the wine supplied at the reunion. The star football player, Ed, says he is in charge of the Australian Federal Police and that he worried that a group of terrorists plans to take him hostage. While he is talking, he carefully watches his wife chat with an old classmate and appears jealous. 

Choose three of Eliza’s classmates and make a diagnosis of the psychological disorder each may be suffering from, describe the disorder and state what symptoms led to your diagnosis. 

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