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Question: employee java programming plz solve question 1...

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employee java programming

toPnat and ID to the gooe cassroom 8431 compressed Keep Duration : 120 Minutes Q1: 20 Marks Suppose you are a software engineer and you are given a project to manage the employees of a any for the human resource department of that company. The company has many employees and ects. The details of the company are company name, owner name and address. The operations any are list of employees and list of projects. Employees have two types evening shift and morning shift. The common fields of employee are name, id, age, salary, working project and shift. The operations f employees are add employee to add the details of the employee in the system, view employee to print the details of the employee and assign project to add the employee in the project. The assign project method of employee is kept hidden by using the abstraction. The project has three types local projects, online projects and support projects. The common details of all the projects are title, start date, completion date, hours per day, budget of project and employees per project. The operations of project comp many proj of comp are add project which add the details of the project in the system, add employee which add the employee detail in the project and view project which print the details of the project. In this way each employee is associated with a project and each project is associated with an employee Read the above scenario and design the above system using your object oriented programming concepts. Create a test class and add four employees in the company which are working in two different projects and print the list of employees with their projects with the help of company. 20 Marks Q2: Consider a bank in which you are required to design a system which manages the customers and tomer has one

plz solve question 1

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