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en the financ- rue that om the franchises, and where appropriate, we develop inno- vative business models like subscription-based online gaming. Activi Case Questions anaging ism 1. How might a SWOT analysis have helped Elec his com ny to Los t-creative tronic Arts assess its slippage in the video game market? 2. How might Porters generic strategies theory help to explain why Electronic Arts lost its leadership in 3. Is the concept of product life cycle relevant to the 4. If you ran a small video game start-up, what would the video game market to Activison Blizzard? video game market? Why or why not? be your strategy for competing with on that its would not . EA did: pment. We lture. led to buy no t of a video- from that of duction more ners and pro- allows his stu- lets them stay s autonomy by Eric-Jon Rossel Waugh, A Short History of Electronic umni who want dio draws up its n its own bonus Unlikely Hero, Forbes, www.forbes.com, accessed on is reflect compa- at EA and Acti- vision Blizzard? 5. If youre a video game player, what aspectsaf Activisions strategy have led to your playing more (or fewer) of its games? If youre not a video game player, what aspects of Activision Blizzards strat might induce you to try a few of its games? egy Case References Arts, Business Week, www.businessweek.com, on September 1, 2013; Peter C. Beller, Activisions September 1, 2013; Activision Beats EA as Top Third Party Publisher in U.S., Gamasutra, www.gamasu tra. com, accessed on September 1, 2013; Activision Posts 92% Revenue Increase in Record Year, Gamasutra or calendar year ctivision Blizzard, e1 AWESOME
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