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ene n GUIDED EXERCISE 3 CIRCLE GRAPH survey of 500 people (as reported in USA Today) are shown in Table 2-13. Well make a circle graph to display these data. How long do we spend talking on the telephone after hours (at home after 5 P.M.)? The results from a recent TABLE 2-13 Time Spent on Home Telephone After 5 P.M. Time Less than h hour h hour to 1 hour More than 1 hour Number 296 83 121 Fractional Part 296/500 83/500 Percentage 59.2 16.6 Number of Degrees 59.2% x360° ~ 213° 16.6% x 360-60 Total For More than 1 hour, Fractional Part- 121/500 Fill in the missing parts in Table 2-13 for More than 1 hour. Remember that the central angle of a circle is 360. Round to the nearest degree. a) Percentage 24.2%; Number of Degrees 24.2% x 360 87o. The symbol means approximately equal. ) Fill in the totals. What is the total number of re-The total number of responses is 500. The sponses? Do the percentages total 100% (within rounding error)? Do the number of degrees total 360° (within rounding error)? percentages total 100%. You must have such a total in order to create a circle graph. The number of degree total 360°. Draw a circle graph. Divide the circle into pieces with the designated numbers of degrees. Label each piece, and show the percentage correspond- ing to each piece. The number of degrees are usually omitted from pie charts shown in newspa- pers, magazines, journals, and reports ) FIGURE 2-13 Hours on Home Telephone After 5 P.M. Less than /2 hour 59.2% 213 87° More than 1 hour 24.2% 1/2 hour to 1 hour 16.6%
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