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Engineering Geology questions:

1) A review of a geologic report about the Jones Sandstone states that the sands are poorly sorted. How would you describe the Jones Sandstone to an engineer? (10 pts) 2) Given the following rock descriptions, draw idealized stress-strain diagrams for each sample (5 pts) and explain why each curve has the shape drawn (5 pts). A. Massive, crystalline rock, with no porosity, composed of high strength minerals. B. Rock composed of a high strength mineral with a moderate amount of high strength cement. C. Massive, crystalline rock, with no porosity, composed of a 50:50 mixture of high and moderate strength minerals. D. Porous rock, weakly cemented, composed of a mixture of several different minerals. 3) Give a probable name for each of the above according to their geologic classification. (20 pts)

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