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Task 2 – 40 marks

Part A – Responding to a poem                                                          20 marks

Read the following poem entitled ‘Lightning Over Sandakan’ by Omar Musa and then answer the questions that follow. For Part B of the task you will write your own poem.

Omar Musa is a Malaysian-Australian rapper, author and poet. He was born in Queanbeyan in 1984 and has performed extensively in Australia and internationally.

Sandakan is a coastal city in the Malaysian state of Sabah in northern Borneo. Serai is the Malay word for lemongrass and kayu manis is Malay for cinnamon.



Lightning Over Sandakan

If this is the last time I see her,

how joyous

the falling alphabet of rain.


There is food in our guts,

laughter spouts from our mouths,

bones turn to stock

with serai and kayu manis

on the old stove top.


Age unknown,

cousins say the years have wearied my grandmother.


But when her eyes turn to me,

they are keen and bright,

urging me to bear children

and not forget her.


To find in my heart

forgiveness for my father.


Lightning over treetops,

sculpting clouds in flashflare purple-yellow.

Memory trembles,

Rain written.




1.    In your own words, describe the scene and occasion that Omar Musa portrays in the poem.

Write approximately 50-100 words.

2.    Identify and describe the effect of one example of each of the following poetic techniques used in the poem:

·         descriptive language

·         metaphor

·         enjambment


3.    Comment on the form of the poem. How would you describe the mood that is created?

Write approximately 100-150 words.

4.    Did you enjoy reading the poem? What did you like or dislike? How effective is the poem in conveying its meaning?

Write approximately 150-200 words.


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